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What we do

We provide individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions and governments with foundational documents.

For instance

White papers. Research manuscripts. Backgrounders. Circulars. Position papers. Treatises. Pitch decks. Business Model Canvases. Business plans. Marketing and communications plans. Market analysis. Economic research. Policies and procedures. Charters. Memoranda of Understanding. Letters of Intent. Essays. Speeches. Keynote remarks. Written submissions. Program applications. Reports. Proposals. Other descriptive, analytic or rhetorical content.

About John Hayden, Principal

John Hayden

John Hayden

John has a track record of generating substantive and compelling manuscripts when they are needed the most: at the last minute or before a sudden, imminent or unexpected deadline. He is at his best when responding to a major opening within a limited timeframe where an extensive and strongly worded document is needed to rapidly win over partners, structure next steps, or serve as a foundation for strategic action.

John holds a BA from the University of Toronto, a MA from the American University of Beirut, a Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management (Executive Education) and has extensive experience developing strategies, brands, marketing campaigns, new products, partnerships and collaborations specifically in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. He is interested in economic advancement and the adoption of technology for competitive advantage and sustainable growth. John is deeply familiar with startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada and abroad. A member of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA), a volunteer judge with the Ontario Centres of Excellence Make Your Pitch student business competition, and lead for the N100 Startup Competition, John is also an avid outdoor adventurer. He completed an unsupported continuous 311 kilometre two-man eleven-day traverse of Iceland in 2015.

Find out more about me on my LinkedIn page.

The case for Indiea

Normally, clients come to us when they don’t have time for complicated RFP processes, lengthy consultations, negotiations and endless revisions. They are not interested in the prolonged back and forth of project development, the constant and exhausting delays, and the typical aggravation of working with consultants. If this sounds like you, let’s get in touch.

Best fit

Normally, Indiea will consider projects that require turn-around in 2-4 weeks or less. Our clients contact us when there is a hard deadline approaching and they need a crucial document generated very quickly. That’s usually why we’re working together.


Indiea, generally, does not respond to RFPs.

Normally, we will reply to requests within three business days by either accepting or declining the job.

For text-based documents, Indiea’s In-Demand Rate is $0.40 CAD per word.

Specialized documents like pitch decks and other presentations with heavy visual content may be quoted separately.

Work begins upon receipt of payment of a $500 CAD non-refundable deposit.

Indiea offers Non-Profit Organizations and Cooperatives a 20% discount.

Payment Terms

$500 CAD up front as a non-refundable deposit, the remainder being fully due and payable upon receipt of the completed deliverable. Indiea makes no other explicit guarantees.

History of Indiea

The company began as an outcome of Startup Weekend Waterloo Region when three Founders, led by Devan Brennan, set out to create a social algorithm to connect video gamers with the next best game for them, essentially optimizing the chances of moving seamlessly from one great gaming experience to the next. We tried and failed at this endeavour. John Hayden re-forged Indiea as a capsule agency. The late Paul Golebiewski created the original Indiea concept logo for our startup, which then had the tagline, Indiea: A new age of discovery. Paul’s brand design will remain the imprimatur of Indiea Inc. in his memory and for as long as this endeavour should endure.

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